Electronic Media: An Introduction by Lynne Schafer Gross 2-24

Zachariah James Watson

Gross’s articulation of electronic media basically sums up the purpose, forms, and functions of media technology and the historical  impact it has had upon our culture as well as the role it has taken upon our modern society. Gross begins the article by discussing the various forms of media and how they both complement and compete with each other (The Internet, TV, Portable Devices, Movies, etc.).

Gross then goes on to discuss the significance of electronic media in regards to how it has become integrated into our society and culture to the point that it has become nearly impossible to imagine living life without it. Gross also states that we have become accustomed to interacting with multiple forms of media simultaneously within each day of our lives.

Gross later continuous into a discussion about the statistics and history of how media has evolved in terms of efficiency,  capability, and capacity within our society (entertainment, work, basic needs, etc.)



Discussion Questions:

1) What are some of the various forms of media that have become a major part of our modern society?

2) In what ways have we become overly reliant on media technology?


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