New Media Service Project Proposal: Copyright Safety

Zachariah James Watson

My project proposal is to come up with a way to help aspiring artists publish their work without having to be faced with countless blockades and potential legal problems. Whether they be filmmakers, media personalities, or basic artists (painters, drawing artists, etc.). I believe that this is a matter of particular concern because of how easy it has become for major media empires/companies to claim copyright on essentially any artistic idea (Disney, 20th Century Fox, Dreamworks, and Warner Bros. just to name a few). As time goes by it is becoming more difficult for anyone to strive toward creating a work of art that stands out and can even be claimed as an original idea.

The primary goal of this proposal is to help aspiring artists learn and understand how to be prepared for creative and legal challenges by guiding them through a basic understanding and learning process of how copyright law works. I would attempt to do this by setting up a basic website filled with attention grabbing images, videos, and messages about how copyright law operates and how it can be overcome when faced with it.

I would also set up optional questionnaires, quizzes, and tests so that anyone who is interested in copyright law can increase their personal understanding of it while also making it an enjoyable experience.

I firmly believe that copyright law is an essential topic not only for aspiring artists from various backgrounds, but also for anyone who has any sort and interest in understanding it. This proposed project has the potential to assist people increase that understanding.


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