New Media Service Proposal: Gaming Culture

Zachariah James Watson

Gaming Culture has become one of the most prominent and influential subcultures of the 21st century. It is filled to the brim with countless types of people from various backgrounds with selective interests (genres, gameplay, console gaming, online gaming, etc.) This subculture has become a realm of reality that is capable of bringing about unity and common interest among people while also stirring up division between others. It is filled with a combination of positive benefits along with potentially negative consequences depending on who you ask about it. It has come to my attention that there needs to be some sort of bridge that can enable the digital natives and immigrants who are interested in this subculture to better understand and collaborate with one another.

My proposal is to set up a basic webpage that can help those who are drawn to this subculture increase their knowledge and personal development when looking into Gaming Culture and its basic ways of life.

My primary goal for this project is to help create a stronger sense of community and understanding for those who wish to grow in their ability to both understand Gaming Culture and possibly accept it as part of their reality. This webpage would consist of various ways to engage and interact with Gaming Culture. For instance, There would be an easily accessible blog that they could engage in along with news feeds they could follow, uploaded videos , and various written facts about Gaming Culture and its various forms of art, entertainment, and influence.


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