Nicholas Carr: Is Google making us Stupid?

Zachariah James Watson

Nicholas Carr begins his essay by describing his personal experience with new media technology. For instance, he goes into how the Internet has been altering how his mind is able to process information. He talks about how easy it used to be to immerse himself into a book. He then says that his mind now begins to drift and waver after reading two or three pages from on article. He is basically stating that basic concentration has become a major struggle to overcome. This is one of the downsides of how the Internet has influence modern culture and society.

Carr then goes on to discuss some of the positive changes that the Internet has brought about in our society. For instance, research that use to take days within long periods of time in libraries can now be done in a matter of minutes and/or seconds. The simplification of access to information has caused our minds to become used to moving back and forth between several sources of information and entertainment. it has caused us to adapt our minds to enhanced levels of compartmentalization.

Discussion Questions:

1) In what ways has the Internet altered the chemistry of our brains?

2) What are some of the positive and negative consequences of how the Internet has affected our brain chemistry?


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