Murthy Chapter#3: Theorizing Twitter

Zachariah James Watson

This particular chapter in Murthy’s book/article on Twitter begins with a critique of modernity as something that is fantastical as a dream, but ultimately lazy (Kieregaardian). Murthy counters this perception of what Twitter is by diving into how Twitter has essentially become a major and regular part of our daily lives. He also suggests the possibility of whether or not Twitter exposes us to various worldview’s and/or if it reinforces existing social structures. Murthy’s take on Twitter is that it is not merely a communicative technology, but also an effective for achieving various “means to an end as well as a human activity” (Heidegger).

Murthy’s next step within this third chapter of his take on Twitter is intended to provide a “selected literary review and a set of directions for scholars, students, and practitioners by making connections to scholarship in communications, sociology, and philosophy” (Murthy). It is “purposely explored to explain nuances for understanding Twitter” (Murthy).

Click to access towards_a_sociological_understanding_of_social_media-_theorizing_twitter.pdf

Discussion Questions:

1) What is your perception on Twitter as tool for scholarship and study?

2) What is your position on Twitter as a “means to and end?”

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