My review of Page 1: The New York Times

Zachariah James Watson

After viewing this film and contemplating its overall message, I can totally agree that the internet is becoming more and more influential as an accessible source of information and that this has resulted in the newspapers starting to become less and less important in the eyes of the public and potentially going bankrupt.

I also believe and agree that out of basic necessity, newspapers have had to rethink their business practices and become more digitized in how they sell, share, and print information to the public in order to survive. While I applaud the efforts of those journalists who are still pushing for their direct one-on-one approaches when it comes to getting their stories (person-to-person, cross-cubicle debate and collaboration, tenacious jockeying for on-record quotes, and skillful page-one pitching), I also feel that they will have to rethink how they do their work if they are going to maintain job security in the modern world. They will have to figure out ways to keep finding authentic stories and how to effectively pass them along with the realms of digital media while also making a living from it.

With all of this in mind, I also believe that no matter how the means by which stories and information gets passed along, shared, and obtained, there will and should always be a reasonable amount of work that can and must go into “analyzing and reporting complex truths,” especially in regards to the mobilization of resources, capital, stamina, and awareness.

Discussion Questions:

1) What is your take on the fluctuating status of the newspaper industries in the modern world?

2) Do you believe that newspapers are actually going extinct as a direct result of the internet? Why or why not?


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